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For highly effective Orthotics in Sydney, contact Heal My Heel!

If you are suffering from heel pain, Heal My Heel Orthotics Sydney can significantly reduce the stress on the Plantar Fascia/Achilles Tendon and facilitate the healing process more effectively. Heal My Heel Orthotics Sydney can therefore form an integral part of the treatment plan for heel pain pathologies such as Plantar Fasciitis. Whether its acute heel pain in Sydney or chronic heel pain in Gosford, our purpose made, highly effective ARC (Advanced Rearfoot Control) Orthotics will have you up and about and pain free again before you know it.

Heal My Heel offers an extremely comprehensive treatment plan, and an integral part of that is our home-use low level laser therapy device. It can be rented from us at a low weekly cost, and is used by you in the comfort of your own home. To learn more about the services we offer please contact us on

0406 320 221

or email any enquiries to hello@healmyheel.com.au

Benefits of Heal My Heel Sydney Low-Level Laser Therapy Device

With its ability to reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate the healing response, the Heal My Heel Sydney Low Level Laser Therapy Device has proven itself to be extremely effective. It is simple to use, painless, and very cost-effective. By emitting low levels of infra-red and near infra-red light, which are absorbed by the mitochondria at a cellular level, it helps to heal the surrounding tissue. Here are a few advantages of this therapy:

  • Natural healing. Low-level laser therapy encourages and stimulates targeted areas of your body to carry out its natural healing processes
  • Convenience. Unlike most other treatments, home-use low-level laser therapy can relieve pain and accelerate healing without you even needing to leave your home
  • No soft tissue trauma. Unlike Shock Wave Therapy, low-level laser therapy is painless, and does not cause micro-trauma and bruising to the targeted area

Low-level laser therapy offers numerous other benefits with regards to reducing pain and healing damaged tissues.

Treatment Options for Acute Heel Pain in Sydney and Surrounding Areas.

Along with low-level laser therapy, there are several other possible treatment options for heel pain. All these treatments are designed to relieve pain/heal your heel and address the underlying cause of the pathology. Here are some of the more commonly occurring heel pain pathologies.

  • Plantar Fasciitis. The most common cause of foot pain, whereby excessive strain on the Plantar Fascia causes micro-tearing, with associated inflammation, pain, and sometimes degeneration of the fibres
  • Achilles Tendon Related Pathologies. These occur when stress, either overuse, or from a specific incident cause the Achilles Tendon to become inflamed and painful, which can then potentially lead to a more chronic, longstanding issue
  • Heel Bursitis. The bursae, fluid-filled sacs near the joints, can become inflamed and this is known as Bursitis, and this often occurs concurrently with Achilles Tendon issues
  • Sever's Disease. A growing pain in children, whereby the growth plate in the heel bone becomes inflamed. Especially prevalent in very active children

There are many other possible causes of heel pain. At Heal My Heel, we will help you determine the origin of your pain and create an effective treatment plan just for you.

About Heal My Heel

Most of the heel pain seen at our clinic is primarily brought about by nothing more than the repetitive strain caused by walking on hard, flat, modern day surfaces. Our goal is to determine, and then address/correct the other factors which may be contributing to your heel pain, then resolve your pain and symptoms and prevent future recurrences. We offer an extremely convenient alternative (only one visit required) to conventional heel pain treatments and therapies (usually involving multiple clinic visits). We provide a reasonably priced, comprehensive service, with a senior's/pensioner discount granted upon request. Contact Heal My Heel today for an appointment.

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