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End the pain and frustration forever

Plantar Fasciitis? Achilles? Severs? We can help!

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located in watkins medical centre, Spring Hill

Our podiatrist has resolved 1000's of chronic heel pain cases

Targets pain AND causes

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Heal My Heel combines the latest technology with highly effective treatment to eliminate heel pain for good!

To resolve heel pain, the damaged tissue needs to completely heal. We are achieving exceptional results with our HOME USE Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device, which has a direct effect on pain and damaged tissue by stimulating the body's own healing response. This can be rented from us for a low weekly cost and used by you in the comfort of your own home - we are seeing a 95% continuation rate with this device.

To further facilitate the healing process, treatment may also include our purpose made Advanced Rearfoot Control (ARC) Orthotics. Our Tailored Rehabilitation Program is an integral feature of all our treatment plans.

disorders we treat

We have extensive experience in successfully treating disorders that cause heel pain including:

Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Spur)

A disorder of the heel induced by excessive stress on the Plantar Fascia - a long wide ligament-like band found on the bottom of the foot

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Achilles Related Disorders

The strongest tendon in the body, disorders of the Achilles can be both inflammatory and degenerative

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Sever's Disease in children

An inflammatory disorder of the heel bone often referred to as a "growing pain, it is the most common cause of foot pain in children

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tailored solutions

We will devise a treatment plan specific to your needs which may include:

Home-use Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Convenient and easy to use, we are achieving exceptional results with this device with a 95% continuation rate

A Tailored Rehabilitation Program

Information and exercises specific to your particular heel pain disorder to keep you pain free forever

Advanced Rearfoot Control (ARC) Orthotics

Comfortable, slimfit, purpose-made orthotics, specifically designed to reduce more stress on the Plantar Fascia/Achilles Tendon

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Our HOME USE Low Level Laser Therapy is:

Simple to use

We give you an in-clinic treatment and demonstration


Strap it on and relax in the comfort of your own home


Infra-red light heals tissue and is completely safe

Cost effective

Rent weekly with option to purchase

For a pain free heel:



Call for a free phone consultation with Steve, our podiatrist, to discuss your treatment options



First you will be diagnosed, then the contributing factors of your heel pain established



Together we will tailor a treatment plan based on our assessment and your needs



By adhering to our Rehab Program you will be on your way to being pain free

step onto the road to recovery

We can set you up to heal your heel with just one visit!

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