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If you're dealing with the pain and frustration of Plantar Fasciitis, a Heel Spur, an Achilles related issue, or perhaps your child has Sever's Disease, we can certainly empathise with you - particularly if it's been for several months, or even years. Unfortunately, however, there are NO magic bullets for most types of heel pain. The damaged tissue and torn fibres must completely heal for permanent pain relief to be realised, and that can be tricky.

Research and studies have shown that the most effective way to achieve complete healing and lasting relief for Plantar Fasciitis and most other types of heel pain is to target the root causes of the pain. This is best achieved by following a comprehensive, highly effective treatment program aimed specifically at countering these causes and contributing factors. To do this, of course, it is first necessary to identify exactly what these various underlying causes are. Until these are competently and comprehensively assessed it is simply not possible to determine the best treatment program for any given individual.

This explains how some chronic heel pain sufferers can attempt all manner of different treatments over many months and even years, with very little improvement whatsoever. It also explains why treatment options such as cortisone injections simply DO NOT work. Thus, it follows that if the root causes are comprehensively and correctly addressed, even the most stubborn, longstanding cases of heel pain can be resolved, permanently.

To summarise then, there is NO single treatment option for Plantar Fasciitis (and other types of heel pain) that works for everyone. The best treatment for any given individual will depend solely on the specific causes of their heel pain. That is why the "most effective" treatment for YOU may be completely different from your work colleague who has exactly the same pain and symptoms as you do. It is also extremely important to ensure that nothing is left out with regard to causes and treatment options, as the one thing that's omitted could potentially prevent the healing and consequent pain relief from occurring.

Identifying all of these possible causes and knowing exactly how to facilitate this healing process (by utilising the most effective treatment options for each individual case), often takes the care and guidance of an experienced, intuitive, and attentive practitioner. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and vast experience in the field, (with more than 15 years specialising in heel pain treatment), Heal My Heel's Practitioner, Musculoskeletal Podiatrist Steve Lyford, will initially diagnose and assess the nature of your heel pain. He will then assess your lower limb biomechanics, and establish the root causes and contributing factors of your heel pain, before offering his treatment recommendations. Together, with your input and preferences, a tailored treatment plan will be devised.

Steve combines the latest and best technology and treatment options with his informative, personalised consultations, together with the basis of Heal My Heel's unique, comprehensive and highly effective treatment - our tailored “Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs”.

* Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Related Pathologies, and Sever's Disease "Treatment & Rehabilitation Programs".

Providing essential reference and firm guidelines, these programs contain educational information, footwear advice, specific stretches and exercises, tips & tricks and do’s & don’ts. A rehab program combined with an informative consultation with Steve, and perhaps some tension-reducing strapping applied to your foot (complete with a tutorial on how to effectively apply it yourself), is sometimes all that is required to set you on the path to a pain free heel.

If, however,  your foot function is identified as inefficient, and this is causing an excessive, repetitive strain on the Plantar Fascia/ Achilles Tendon, it may be necessary to significantly reduce this weight-bearing tension in order to facilitate the healing process, which will ultimately lead to a permanently pain-free heel. Information on how we do this can be found in the "Our Heel Pain Treatment" page.

If your heel pain has become a chronic issue, (involving degeneration of the affected fibres) it may also be necessary to stimulate and accelerate the “healing response” in the damaged tissue, as this healing response is often severely compromised as a result of chronic heel pain pathologies of 3 months duration or longer. To achieve this we utilise a highly successful HOME USE Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device, which can be rented and/or purchased from us. Further information on this can be found in the “Our Heel Pain Treatment” page.

*Our HOME USE LLLT device reduces inflammation, relieves pain, and stimulates the healing response in the damaged tissue (leading to complete healing) without any pain or side-effects, and all from the comfort of your own home.

With our logical, comprehensive, and scientific approach we can resolve even the most stubborn heel pain, including:

Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Spur)

A heel pain pathology induced by an excessive and often repetitive strain on the Plantar Fascia - a long wide ligament-like band found on the bottom of the foot

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Achilles Related Pathologies

The strongest tendon in the body, Achilles Tendon issues can be both acute (inflammatory) and chronic (degenerative)

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Sever's Disease in children

An inflammatory disorder of the Calcaneus (heel bone) often referred to as a "growing pain; it is the most common cause of foot pain in children

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