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By assessing your foot structure/lower limb biomechanics, your activity level and type, your footwear, and the nature & extent of your heel pain, we'll be able to recommend the treatment options that will  give you the best chance to heal your heel and keep it pain-free. Your particular treatment preferences and budget will also help to determine your comprehensive and tailored treatment plan, which will ALWAYS be based on our 3 fundamental principles to heal your heel:

  1. Inform/educate the patient as much as possible about their particular heel pain pathology and how to best resolve it (using verbal and visual means, along with printed reference material)
  2. Reduce the strain on the Plantar Fascia/Achilles Tendon as much as possible, to facilitate the healing process as effectively as possible
  3. Stimulate/accelerate the healing response in the damaged tissue as effectively as possible, while also reducing the pain without any complications or side effects

Once your treatment plan has been determined, our unique Treatment & Rehabilitation Program (for your particular type of heel pain) will help you to implement it as effectively as possible, by providing a ready reference for all the essential information you'll need.

tailored for each patient

Comprehensive Treatment & Rehabilitation Program

Providing essential reference and firm guidelines for what's required to heal your heel, our comprehensive and tailored Treatment & Rehabilitation Programs contain:

  • Footwear advice and guidelines
  • Specific stretches and exercises
  • Educational information
  • Do's & don'ts and tips & tricks (included is a spikey ball to stimulate circulation to the damaged tissue)

A Rehab program (eg Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Related Pathologies, Childhood Sever's) combined with an informative and educational consultation with Steve (together with perhaps some tension-reducing strapping on your foot and a tutorial on how to apply it yourself) is often all that is required to set you on the path to a pain-free heel.

If, however, your pain is more persistent and longstanding, and/or inefficient foot and lower limb biomechanics are the main cause of your heel pain pathology, you may need a little extra help to heal your heel and keep it permanently pain-free. If the  structure and function of your feet is creating a repetitive strain on the Plantar Fascia/Achilles Tendon (which directly leads to micro-tearing of the fibres), it may be necessary to reduce this strain in order to facilitate the healing process and repair the damaged tissue. Our ARC Orthotics are designed by us to do just that.


Advanced Rearfoot Control (ARC) Orthotics

If inefficient foot structure/lower limb biomechanics is the primary cause of your Plantar Fasciitis (or other type of heel pain), we will generally recommend Orthotic Therapy as your best treatment option (for complete healing and permanent pain relief). At Heal My Heel we primarily prescribe orthotics using our own ARC (Advanced Rearfoot Control) technology. We feel that this type of orthotic can counteract hard, flat, modern-day surfaces more effectively by aligning and controlling foot structure/lower limb biomechanics more efficiently, and therefore we feel, reduce more strain on the Plantar Fascia/Achilles Tendon whilst weight-bearing. It is a different type of orthotic to the standard arch-based model primarily used for manufacturing custom orthotics in Australia. We have observed far greater success rates and faster healing times when utilising this type of orthotic to treat heel pain pathologies such as Plantar Fasciitis.

The aim of this orthotic is to optimize stability and control excessive motion at the rearfoot (through a combination of specific angulation at the heel and flexible arch support), in order to reduce the strain on the Plantar Fascia/Achilles Tendon more effectively. In addition it typically places less pressure on the arch, and thus can also be more comfortable, especially when worn for long periods, for running, etc. They can also be designed to fit any style of shoes-from work boots to ladies heels, from running shoes to sandals.

Our full prescription ARC Orthotics are the most accurate way of correcting/controlling inefficient foot and lower limb biomechanics, and with most health insurance providers they are also the most cost-effective option. If cost is a consideration for you, however, we can also carry out an "in-house on the spot" modification of a particular type of ready-made orthotic (using this same style of rear foot control), without significantly compromising on the results and the outcome.

Orthotic Therapy may not even be indicated or necessary for you, and we may be able to resolve your heel pain without it. We will simply provide you with our recommendations, and what we feel are your best treatment options, however, together with YOUR input and treatment preferences, we can formulate a treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle, situation and needs.


HOME USE Low Level Laser Therapy

* Our home use LLLT device is Australian Medical Association approved.

Whilst formulating your treatment plan we must be mindful that one of the main reasons that heel pain pathologies can take so long to heal is that when they change from being acute to chronic (this often happens after the symptoms have been endured for 8-12 weeks or so) the process which brings about the pain and tissue damage becomes less of an inflammatory one and more a degenerative one (although the two do occur concurrently also). This degeneration (of the affected fibres) is in part classified by a loss (and disorganisation) of collagen from the affected fibres.

Most importantly this degenerative process can also impair or completely stall the body's healing response in the affected area. This means that even if all of the factors that have caused the pathology (eg Plantar Fasciitis) in the first place, have been comprehensively addressed (by orthotics, calf stretching, footwear changes, etc ,etc) it may still take an excessively long time for the healing and permanent pain relief to occur.

To accelerate/stimulate this impaired healing response in the affected part of the heel, our method of choice is an award winning, state-of-the-art hand held Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device. Unlike shockwave therapy, LLLT causes zero pain or micro-trauma to the targeted tissues. A number of studies have also concluded that LLLT is more effective than shockwave therapy at accelerating/stimulating the healing response and reducing pain for the commonly occurring heel pain pathologies such as Plantar Fasciitis, and Achilles Tendon related issues.

LLLT has been widely used for healing purposes and pain relief for more than 30 years, and its effectiveness in treating various heel pain pathologies (eg Plantar Fasciitis) is proven and well documented. It is completely safe, painless, and has absolutely zero side effects. Its use is far more advanced and accepted in Europe and the USA, although it is slowly becoming more widely known, used, and acknowledged in Australia.

Our handheld LLLT devices are used and operated by you in the comfort of your own home, and can be rented from us for a low weekly cost (with an option to purchase anytime after the initial week's rental). With no need for expensive clinic visits and the added convenience of not having to take time out of your busy schedule to go to appointments, our hand-held LLLT device has proven to be an exceptionally effective tool in the fight against heel pain. Simple and effortless to operate, we can set you up and give you a user demonstration at the time of your Initial Consultation. A user manual and additional information with regard to your particular heel pain pathology (eg Plantar Fasciitis) is provided to you, with everything you'll require to heal your heel at home utilising this amazing little piece of technology.

By improving circulation, reducing pain and inflammation, and increasing cellular repair functions, whether you have suffered pain for 3 days or 3 years, our Home Use LLLT device can help, and its all done from the comfort of your own home! Our patients are achieving exceptional results with this device, and we have a 98% continuation rate with it (after the initial weeks rental), with approximately 80% eventually opting to  purchase it outright.


Other Treatment Options

Strapping, moon-boot, heel lifts, footwear modifications, foot strengthening exercises...these are all available as treatment options should your particular symptoms require it, or should you have a particular preference for it.

For a pain free heel:



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Together we will tailor a specific treatment plan based on the type and extent of your heel pain, the causes, and your preferences



Using our Treatment and Rehabilitation Program as your guide, you will be on your way to being permanently pain free

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