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the heal my heel approach

The contributing factors of your heel pain will determine your tailored treatment plan

Plantar Fasciitis?
Achilles related?
We can help!

We will leave no stone unturned to successfully treat your heel pain.

By assessing your lower limb biomechanics, footwear, activity level and type, lifestyle and the nature of your heel pain, we will formulate a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Whilst formulating this treatment plan we must be mindful that one of the main reasons disorders of the heel can take so long to heal is that when they become chronic or longstanding, the process which brings about the pain is not so much an inflammatory one, but more of a degenerative one. This degeneration is in part classified by a temporary loss of collagen from the affected fibres. This degenerative process can also slow down or completely stall the body’s healing response, meaning that even if the issues that have created the problem have been addressed (by orthotics and/or other means) it can still take a long time to heal and for symptoms to be resolved.

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HOME USE Low Level Laser Therapy

To stimulate this healing response, our method of choice is the use of a state-of-the-art hand held Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device. Unlike Shockwave Therapy, LLLT causes zero pain or micro-trauma to the tissues. Many studies have concluded that LLLT is more effective than Shockwave Therapy at stimulating healing and reducing pain for heel related disorders.

LLLT has been widely used for healing purposes and pain relief for more than 30 years, and its effectiveness in treating disorders which cause heel pain is proven and well documented. Its use is more advanced in Europe and the USA, although it is becoming more widely known and used in Australia.

The device is used and operated by you in the comfort of your own home, and can be rented from us at a low weekly cost with an option to buy anytime after the initial week's rental. With no need for expensive clinic visits or taking time out of your busy schedule, our hand-held LLLT device is simple to use. A demonstration on use is given at the time of the consultation, and doubles as your first treatment. A user manual is provided with the information you require for home use, in addition to instructions tailored to your specific disorder of the heel.

By improving circulation, reducing pain and inflammation, and increasing cellular repair functions, whether you have suffered pain for 3 days or 3 years, LLLT can help. Our patients are achieving exceptional results with this device, and we have a 95% continuation rate.

purpose made to fit any type of shoe

Advanced Rearfoot Control (ARC) Orthotics

If the biomechanics of your feet and lower limbs are contributing to your heel pain, you may be recommended Orthotic Therapy. At Heal My Heel we primarily make orthotics using our Advanced Rearfoot Control (ARC) technology. We feel that for disorders of the heel, this style of orthotic counteracts modern day surfaces more effectively, by aligning and controlling lower limb mechanics more efficiently. It is a different type of orthotic to the standard arch based model used primarily in Australia, and we have seen far greater success rates using it to treat heel pain.

The aim of this orthotic is to optimise stability and control of the rearfoot (through a combination of heel inversion and arch support), to more effectively reduce the stress on the Plantar Fascia/Achilles Tendon. There is typically less pressure placed on the arch, and thus they can also be more comfortable.

Our full prescription ARC Orthotics are the most accurate way of controlling inadequate foot mechanics, and with most health insurance providers, they are the most cost-effective option. If necessary, we can also modify off-the-shelf orthotics using a similar style without significant compromise on the results.

Orthotic therapy may not even be indicated or necessary for you, and we may be able to resolve your heel pain without it. We will provide recommendations and options to you, however together, we can implement a treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle and needs. 

specifically tailored for each patient

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program

Just as crucial a piece of the puzzle in taming your heel pain is our tailored and comprehensive Rehabilitation Program. Included in it are specific stretches, footwear advice, do’s and don’ts, and tips and tricks. Regardless of any other treatment you undertake, whether LLLT, Orthotic Therapy, or both, the Heal My Heel Rehabilitation Program forms an integral part of the treatment plan and is absolutely necessary in the fight against heel pain. The more you understand about your heel pain, the easier it will be to reach the goal of being pain free.

Together we can achieve this and heal your heel, and just as importantly, keep it that way! 

Extras and alternatives

Other Treatment Options

Strapping, moon-boot, heel raises, footwear modifications, foot strengthening exercises...these are all available as treatment options should your particular symptoms require it.

For a pain free heel:



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First you will be diagnosed, then the contributing factors of your heel pain established



Together we will tailor a treatment plan based on our assessment and your needs



By adhering to our Rehab Program you will be on your way to being pain free

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