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Visit Heal My Heel Brisbane- Your Heel Clinic for Permanent Pain Relief

If you are experiencing heel pain, you may have considered a visit to a heel clinic in Brisbane. Heal My Heel is the only heel pain treatment clinic in Brisbane, providing a comprehensive service with highly effective treatment plans. Heel pain is the most common type of foot pain, and there are many possible causes. As the only clinic in Brisbane dedicated solely to treating heel pain, you are assured the best possible treatment. Included in our treatment options are home use laser therapy, purpose made orthotics (which optimally reduce the strain on the Plantar Fascia/Achilles Tendon), and a comprehensive rehabilitation program which includes everything required to heal your heel and get permanent relief from heel pain. To learn more about what we can offer please contact us on 0406 320 221 or email any enquiries to hello@healmyheel.com.au

Why Visit a Brisbane Podiatrist Clinic, Rather than another Health Professional?

If you are considering visiting a Brisbane Podiatrist Clinic for your Heel Pain, Heal My Heel can help. We are both a Podiatrist and a Heel Pain Clinic in Brisbane and can help identify the cause of your heel pain and recommend an effective treatment plan for a wide range of heel related ailments. Here are some of the benefits of seeing a podiatrist.

  • A podiatrist is more qualified and has more specialised training with regard to the feet than other health professionals. There's no better place to get a professional opinion about what's causing your foot pain. Podiatrists can also give advice on surgery if it becomes necessary.
  • A podiatrist treats feet exclusively, so generally has more experience than other health professionals, when it comes to diagnosing and treating the myriad different foot problems out there. Podiatrists spend years learning to evaluate and treat a wide range of problems relating explicitly to the feet.
  • A podiatrist addresses the causes AND treats the symptoms of painful foot pathologies. What may seem like a simple problem to you may turn into a major issue if left untreated.

Don't take chances with your feet if you have heel pain and are thinking about visiting a heel pain treatment clinic in Brisbane, call Heal My Heel today.

We Are the Only Heel Pain Clinic in Brisbane

Because we only treat heel pain, we can focus all our attention on the debilitating disorders that cause it. It also means that because we see so much of it, we know what works best to relieve the pain and completely heal your heel.

The pathologies which cause heel pain, such as Plantar Fasciitis, and various Achilles Tendon issues, are extremely complex and shouldn't be taken lightly. The longer treatment is deferred, or the wrong treatment is given, the more difficult it can be to overcome it. Therefore, self-diagnosing and attempting to self-treat your heel pain is definitely not a good idea. Heal My Heel's exclusive heel pain treatment clinic can diagnose and treat your heel pain correctly, giving you the best chance of a positive outcome.

At Heal My Heel, we can help alleviate both acute and chronic pain and help you get back to living the life the way you'd like to.

About Heal My Heel

Heal My Heel offers reasonably priced treatments for a wide range of heel pain symptoms. Included are effective, yet convenient therapies that you can implement yourself and/or at home, such as home-use laser therapy, calf stretching exercises, making sure you adhere to the right footwear, and more.

If your feet require correction and control due to biomechanical anomalies (which places added stress on the Plantar Fascia/Achilles Tendon) we can prescribe you with our highly effective, purpose made orthotic devices which will reduce this stress, and further facilitate the healing process. Contact Heal My Heel today for an appointment.

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