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Do You Have Foot Pain in Sydney?

Get Permanent Relief from Foot Pain in Sydney with Heal My Heel's Expert Help.
Are you looking for help to resolve your foot pain in Sydney? At Heal My Heel, we can help. Our podiatry based clinic focuses exclusively on treating the pathologies that cause heel pain. Our goal is to help you get back on track and living life pain free again (or at least heel pain-free). So if you have heel pain, contact us now on 0406 320 221or email any enquiries to

We will arrange for our experienced heel pain practitioner, musculoskeletal podiatrist, Steve Lyford, to give you a free 20 minute phone consultation to offer advice and discuss your case and our treatment options.

Prepare for Your Visit to Heal My Heel

Heel treatment in Sydney begins by making an appointment with Heal My Heel. During your initial consultation we will discuss treatment options with you. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for your appointment with us:

  • Make a list of symptoms and any questions you might have: What are your symptoms? Where exactly is your pain occurring? Does it affect both feet or just one? How would you rate your pain out of 10? You will be asked these questions, so jotting down your answers beforehand will make it easier for you. Also, make a list of any questions you have
  • Take down some notes about the history of your heel/foot pain: Beyond symptoms, you should try to compile a basic history of your heel/foot pain and any attempted treatments. Details including how long you have been experiencing heel/foot pain, whether you've had any scans, such as X-rays, ultrasounds or MRIs taken, whether or not you wear orthotics will help our podiatrist formulate a big-picture understanding of your particular heel pain disorder
  • Call for a complimentary phone consultation: If you would like to discuss your case and our approach/treatment options before making an appointment for your foot/heel pain in Sydney, Heal My Heel offers a free 20-minute phone consultation with our heel pain practitioner, Steve Lyford. This call can also be helpful if you have any specific questions about how to prepare for your first visit

Incidence of Foot Pain in Sydney is Higher than Average

This is due to a warmer than average climate, meaning there is a tendency for people to go barefoot, or wear thongs more often than people in cooler climates. Most foot-types are not biomechanically equipped for this lack of support, leading to a slightly higher incidence of foot and heel pain in the Sydney area. An appointment with our podiatrist to discuss your foot and heel pain can help you to avoid some frequently made mistakes with regards to heel pain, such as the following:

  • Icing too often: It may feel good to ice your foot or heel for long periods but doing it for too long, too often, over too long a period can slow the healing process. Indeed, with Plantar Fasciitis, which is one of the most common causes of foot/heel pain, you need to be aware when you should and shouldn't ice it
  • Orthotics: Some Orthotics, even custom-made ones will not do much at all to alleviate the pain and facilitate the healing process in your heel. Our orthotics are purpose made to optimally reduce the strain on certain connective tissues such as the Plantar Fascia. Relying solely on orthotics without other treatment strategies such as exercises and other rehabilitation to increase flexibility in the calves can set you up for a recurring problem. If you have heel pain in Sydney (or a surrounding area), Heal My Heel can advise you on how to get the best out of your orthotics, by combining their use with other treatment strategies

Of course, the biggest mistake people make is not getting any treatment at all. Don't assume that heel/foot pain will go away on its own. It often won't and once it sets in, it will typically worsen over time. An appointment with Heal My Heel now could mean a faster and more permanent recovery going forward.

Why Choose Heal My Heel?

If you are struggling with heel/foot pain in Sydney (or a surrounding area), why not give us a call at Heal My Heel. Our practitioner, musculoskeletal podiatrist, Steve Lyford has many years experience focusing solely on the diagnosis and treatment of heel pain disorders, and so can provide you with exactly what you need to heal your heel and become permanently pain free.

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