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Have Your Heel Pain Treated at Heal My Heel Brisbane

If you are suffering from acute or chronic heel pain, you may have thought about seeing a Brisbane podiatrist. Heal My Heel's podiatrist, Steve Lyford, has more than 25 years of experience, predominantly in the field of musculoskeletal Podiatry, with over half of those focused primarily on treating the pathologies that cause heel pain. We are Brisbane's only clinic dedicated solely to treating heel pain. If you're struggling with this frequently occurring problem Heal My Heel can help, so please contact us on 0406 320 221 or email any enquiries to

Seeking Heel Pain Treatment in Brisbane? Heal My Heel Can Answer All Your Questions

Whether you've been dealing with heel pain for several years or even just a few days, Heal My Heel's comprehensive approach can set you on a path towards long-term pain relief and healing. So, if you are seeking heel pain treatment in Brisbane, why not give us a try. The following are some frequently asked questions regarding heel pain and our treatment:

  • What is the cause of my heel pain? There is no single cause of heel pain. If you run or play sport your pain may be caused specifically by the mechanics and extra stress of running. However, anyone can suffer from heel pain disorders. Contributing factors could also be your job, your footwear, and often the mechanics of your feet and lower limbs (e.g. flat or over pronated feet). Heal My Heel will find the root cause of your heel pain, and this will determine the right treatment plan for you.
  • How will you treat my heel pain? As mentioned above, the best treatment for your heel may vary depending on the cause of your pain. Our treatment options include home-use low level laser therapy, highly effective, purpose-made orthotic devices, rehabilitation programs and more.
  • How will you help me ensure that my heel pain does not recur in the future? By determining the root cause of your heel pain and addressing and correcting this, our aim is to not only resolve your current episode of heel pain, but also to prevent a recurrence of it in the future. This may include making sure your footwear is adequate, or perhaps working with you to increase your calf flexibility; whatever gives you the best chance of becoming and staying pain free.

If you are considering visiting a Brisbane Podiatrist

If you are thinking about visiting a heel pain podiatrist in Brisbane, keep in mind the following, which will ensure you get on top of your pain (and prevent it from escalating) as soon as possible.

  • Don't Delay: Once heel pain becomes a chronic issue (often after 2-3 months) it can become more and more difficult to heal/ become pain free. As such, even if you've only been experiencing heel pain for a few days or weeks, it's a good idea to make an appointment at Heal My Heel Podiatry Clinic in Brisbane. During the Initial Consultation we will take a history of your pain, diagnose it, and go over treatment options with you.
  • Don't turn to the Internet for help: Rather than seeing a podiatrist or another health professional, many people try to solve their heel pain by consulting the internet. They attempt to self-diagnose based on what they read or look for advice on footwear or stretches online. Only a qualified podiatrist or other health professional can give you a proper diagnosis and/or determine a treatment plan for your particular disorder of the heel.
  • Choose a podiatrist that deals with heel pain frequently: At Heal My Heel, our focus on heel pain means that we have vast experience and knowledge regarding all the disorders that cause heel pain. With us, you are in good hands.

About Heal My Heel

Heal My Heel was founded in 2019, but our podiatrist Steve Lyford, has many years of experience in musculoskeletal podiatry, and specifically in treating heel pain. So, if you are seeking a Brisbane Podiatrist for your heel pain, look no further, and contact us today to make an appointment. Whether you've had pain for ten days or ten years, we can help!

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